Topics of research projects in physics

Topics of research projects in physics

The following topics of research papers in physics are approximate, they can be taken as a basis, supplement, expand and change at their own discretion, depending on their own interesting ideas and hobbies. Interesting research topic will help the student to deepen their knowledge of the subject and plunge into the world of physics.

Any topics of physics projects in PhGos can be selected from the list of listed topics for any class of general education school and the physics section. In the future, the head will hold consultations to more accurately determine the theme of the project. This will help the student concentrate on the most important aspects of the study.

On the page you can follow the links to interesting topics of projects in physics for Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10 and 11 and themes for high school to light, optics, light phenomena and electricity, to the themes of projects on nuclear physics and radiation.

The topics of research papers in physics for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 classes will be of interest to students who are fond of the biography of physicists, like to experiment, solder, are not indifferent to mechanics, electronics and other branches of physics. Acquired skills will become not only the basis for subsequent research activities, but will also be useful in everyday life. These sections of the theme of the project work on physics can be found at the links below.

Topics of research work on light, optics, electricity, nuclear physics
Interesting topics in physics research
Themes of research works on light and optics
Electricity Research Topics
Topics in nuclear physics research
Topics for astronomy research
In addition to the above-mentioned sections on the topics of the project work on physics, we recommend that students review the general and quite relevant and interesting topics of the physics projects listed below on this page of our website. The proposed topics are common and can be used at different educational levels.

Themes of physics projects
Approximate topics of physics projects for school students:

HELL. Sakharov is an outstanding scientist and human rights defender of our time.
Aviation models of free flight.
Aggregate state of matter.
Actual problems of atmospheric physics.
Acoustic noise and its effect on the human body.
Alferov Zhores Ivanovich.
Albert Einstein is a paradoxical genius and an “eternal child.”
Failure analysis microassembly.
Hadron Collider: the myth of the origin of the universe.
Crystal anisotropy
Anisotropy of the physical properties of single crystals.
Abnormal water properties
Antique mechanics
Aristotle is the greatest scholar of antiquity.
Arterial pressure
Archimedes – the greatest ancient Greek mathematician, physicist and engineer.
Aspects of the influence of music and sounds on the human body.
Atmospheric pressure is an assistant person.
Atmospheric pressure in human life.
Aerodynamics in the service of humanity
Aerodynamics strips of paper, or “And yet it turns!”
Wind tunnels.
Ballistic movement.
Biomechanics of a cat.
Human biomechanics
Biomechanical principles in technology.
Bionics. Technical view of wildlife.
Bioscafand for flight to other planets.
Human biophysics
Biophysics. Sounds and sounds
In the heavens, on land and at sea. (Physics of amazing natural phenomena).
In pursuit of the Carnot cycle.
What is the secret of the thermos.
V.G. Shukhov – the great Russian engineer.
VC. X-ray discoveries, life path.
Vacuum in the service of man
Vacuum. The energy of the physical vacuum.
Introduction to black hole physics.
Vertical flight
Wind as an example of convection in nature.
Wind in the service of man
Mutual transformations of liquids and gases. Phase transitions.
The relationship of auroras and human health.
Air weighting
Types of water pollution and purification methods based on physical phenomena.
Types of fuel cars.
Types of noise pollution and their effect on living organisms.
Visualization of sound vibrations in Rubens tube.
Virtual laboratory work on the lessons of physics.
Vortex formations.
Blaise Pascal’s contribution to the creation of methods for studying the world around him.
The contribution of M.V. Lomonosov in the development of physical science.
Humidity and its influence on human activity.
Humidity and its effect on human health.
Humidity. Determination of oxygen in the air.
The influence of external sound stimuli on the structure of water.
The effect of loud sound and noise on the human body.
The influence of sound on living organisms
The influence of sound on the sand. Figures Chill.
The influence of sounds, noise on the human body.
Topics of physics research
Approximate topics of research