Topics of projects around the world

Topics of projects around the world

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Already in elementary school, children can participate in project and research activities. The main thing is the desire and interest of the child, as well as the participation of parents and the help of the teacher who guides and consults the child throughout the study.
Topics of the projects around the world 1 class
Topics of projects around the world 2 class
We propose to choose interesting topics of projects around the world for students in grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4 primary schools for the fascinating research and design work of children. These topics are approximate.

According to his interests, a child can choose a project about the world around him in elementary school about family and hobbies, about his class or school, about his beloved pets or houseplants, follow various living creatures and plants in the winter, spring, summer or autumn, affect the environment. problems, etc.

It is not necessary to take exactly the proposed formulation of the research topic in the world around them; the student can transform the chosen topic, following his vision, his interests and hobbies. The main thing is to determine the purpose of your work and set concrete tasks for yourself.
Topics of projects around the world 3 class
Topics of projects around the world 4 class
Perhaps a certain theme of project work in the world around them will push the child and parents to a topic that is more interesting and close to your family or student. It is necessary to imagine only a little that can be studied in the framework of a research project.

Below we will look at the general themes of research projects and design work on the world around us, which students in grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 can choose for further research and writing an individual project. Topics are distributed in subjects studied by students in the respective primary classes of a school, gymnasium or lyceum. It is only necessary to read the topics and imagine the possible activities.

Topics of projects around the world (general)
Topics for primary school research:

“Owls” and “larks”.
Homeless animals.
Are there any predator plants
Are there any miracles?
In the world of wildlife. Birds.
In the world of clouds
Spring changes in animal life.
Wind, wind, you are powerful.
Water on Earth.
The air of our city.
Magic words.
Magic shine of amber.
Harmful products.
The whole truth about the Egyptian pyramids.
The emblem of my family
Guests in our house.
Bed on the windowsill.
What is animal tail for?
What is man’s nose for?
What do I live for?
Good deed.
Christmas tree in the drawings and in life: what is common and what are the differences?
Is there life on Mars?
Does water have a memory?
Animals of our forest.
Animals understand human speech: truth or myth?
The life of birds in the winter.
Plant life in the water.
Water puzzles
Mysteries of Greece
Mysteries of salt.
Why does a man need a skeleton?
The value of the senses.
Toys in our life.
The perfect menu for school canteen
What are the seashells made of?
From far away, the Volga River flows for a long time.
Interesting facts from the life of Lily of the valley.
Interesting facts about fish
The use of household waste in children’s crafts.
Waste paper used – trash or good?
Story toys. What played our ancestors?
History of measuring time.
History of Olympic Games.
Chess history
How does a pen affect handwriting?
How to celebrate the New Year in different countries.
How to choose a ripe watermelon?
What does the sound look like?
How to grow a flower?
How are books made?
How does the doctor hear what we breathe?
How do animals protect themselves?
How do ants build their homes?
How to teach a dog to perform commands?
How does a spider spin a web?
How does a pen write?
How does the weather affect your mood?
How does a rainbow appear?
How to brew green tea?
How to cook paint?
How to make herbal shampoos?
How does a soap dispenser work?

How does the piano work?
How does the plant develop?
How does a tree grow?
How does a bow grow?
How does an icicle grow?
How is dew born?
How are poems born?
How to keep the smell of the New Year holidays?
How is the fan?
How bread comes to the table.
How does a person use the sea?
What is the most useful water?
What birds live in the city?
Calendar of birthdays of all family members.
The calendar.
Books on my shelf
Who needs our help?
Cat’s world and its features.
Feline habits.
Cat and dog: how to make them friends?
Red sun.
Where is the bee going?
Beauty in our life.
Who lives where.
Who is asleep.
Who is Petrushka?
Lefties in the world of animals.
Forest at different times of the year.
Forest pharmacy.
The nested doll is a toy or a souvenir.
The Bears.
World in postcards.
The world of my hobbies.
World of flowers.
My tree.
Can a stone be treated?
My aquarium.
My safe yard
My home zoo.
My idol.
My mini zoo.
We are friends of nature.
We are buyers.
Our food and vitamins
Our mood.
Our grandparents.
Do we need a commercial break?
What did the whale tell?
What told a little bit