Topics of Chemistry Research

Topics of Chemistry Research

In this section you can find interesting topics for projects in chemistry. The head should pay attention to the level of complexity of a particular topic and its comparison with the level of knowledge of the student. The research process involves consulting the teacher and the selection of literature.

We recommend carefully choosing interesting topics of research works in chemistry for students in grades 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 and determine the topic that suits you best by complexity, interest and your own hobbies.
Also, you can pick up the actual topic of the project in chemistry of a less complex level, expand or summarize it in the future.

The topics of chemistry research papers presented to schoolchildren are relevant and imply research and study of new, more in-depth information on the subject. In the future, the knowledge gained can be applied to the lessons of chemistry, as well as taken as a basis in subsequent studies. The links you can find research topics on the subject of chemistry for high school students.
Topics of research projects in chemistry grade 10
Topics of research projects in chemistry grade 11
These topics of research projects in chemistry will be of interest to students in grades 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 who are interested in chemistry, conducting various interesting experiments and experiments that want to learn and understand, and find answers to their questions in the process of exciting studies.

The following topics are sorted alphabetically, they are approximate and basic for use in research activities of students in the subject of chemistry.

Topics of Chemistry Research
Approximate topics of research projects in chemistry:

Motorway, snow, soil, plants.
Car as a source of chemical pollution of the atmosphere.
Automotive fuel and its application.
Agronomy. The effect of mineral fertilizers.
Nitrogen in food, water and the human body.
Nitrogen and its compounds
Nitrogen as a nutrient.
Watercolor paints. Their composition and manufacture.
Aquarium as a chemical and biological object of study.
Activated carbon. The phenomenon of adsorption.
Actinoids: a look from the past to the future.
Diamond is an allotropic modification of carbon.
Diamonds. Artificial and natural growth.
Alchemy: myths and reality.
Aluminum is a metal of the 20th century.
Aluminum and its welding.
Aluminum in the kitchen: a dangerous enemy or a loyal assistant?
Aluminum. Alloys of aluminum.
Analysis of the quality of spring water.
Drug analysis.
Analysis of soft drinks.
Analysis of the content of ascorbic acid in some varieties of currants.
Chips analysis.
Anomalies of water.
Anthropogenic effect of wastewater on spring water.
The aroma of health.
Aromatherapy as a way to prevent colds.
Flavors based on esters.
Aromatic oils – a priceless gift of nature.
Aromatic essential oils and their use.
Aromas, smells, vibes.
Ascorbic acid: properties, physiological effect, content and dynamics of accumulation in plants.
Aspirin – friend or foe?
Aspirin – benefit or harm.
Aspirin as a preservative.
Aspirin: Pros and Cons.
Aerosols and their use in medical practice.
Squirrels are the basis of life.
Proteins and their importance in human nutrition.
Proteins and their nutritional value.
Proteins as natural biopolymers.
Benzapiren is a chemical and environmental problem of our time.
Biogenic classification of chemical elements.
Biologically active substances. Vitamins.
Dietary supplements: profanity or benefit?
Biorol of vitamins.
Noble gases.
Paper and its properties.
Sandwich with iodine, or the whole truth about salt.
Would there be life on Earth without the existence of iron?
Household filters for cleaning tap water and the method of their regeneration.
In the world of acids.
In the world of metal corrosion.
In the world of polymers.
In the wonderful world of crystals.
What is the taste of bread?
The most important indicator of the ecological condition of the soil – pH.
The great mystery of water.
The great scientist M.V. Lomonosov.
UK in the life and activities of D.I. Mendeleev.
Topics of Chemistry Projects (continued)
Approximate topics of research in chemistry:

Types of chemical bonds.
Vitamin C and its value.
Vitamins in a person’s life.
Vitamins and vitamin deficiency.
Vitamins and human health.
Vitamins as the basis of life activity of living organisms.
D.I.’s contribution Mendeleev in the development of agrochemistry, its importance for modern agriculture.
D.I.’s contribution Mendeleev in the development of the oil industry.
The contribution of M.V. Lomonosov in the development of chemistry as a science.
The impact of road transport on air pollution.
The influence of metals on the female body.
Water is the number one substance.
Water is a familiar and unusual substance.
Water is the basis of life.
The water is amazing and surprising.
Water: death or life? The study of water quality in reservoirs and water supply.
Hydrogen in industry, production and forms of marketing.
Hydrogen indicator in our