Target Market Segmentation

Today’s business situation is measured by competition, energy as well as operational complexities. Marketers are under an immense burden to bring the best. Moreover, companies are continually improving as well as upgrading to meet the demands also the expectations of the customer. Technology has transformed how people do business even how they reach out the audience targeted. Marketers use the media to communicate as well as convincing likely consumers (McDonald & Wilson, 2016) . 

            Jeep commercial uses a mixture of humor as well as fantasy to catch the attention of viewers. The ad gives consumers the feeling that the vehicle is all-terrain giving them privileged access to places that are hard to reach. The car on the ad shows robustness although comfortable inside making it ideal for families.

            The ad targets a very different consumer group, the buyers who are in their forties. The car appeals to the old generation because of its cargo as well as passenger space.


            Not every individual has the chance to own the car they wanted always. One lucky person amongst many will cruise away in a car almost assured to make the neighbors talk. The Jeep.

            The Chrysler 300 is a living legend. It gives people the feeling that they can outlive their tough middle years and once again become cool. The advertisement focuses on the history of America of beating the odds to regain success. A Chrysler 300 image is shown driving through the landscape of Detroit. The commercial brings about hedonic pride emotions also success desire, pairing the brand of Chrysler with the traditional values of Americans. The ad puts forward that individuals who want to be connected with these beliefs should purchase the Chrysler cars.

            The Chrysler 300 targets young professionals preferably age 18-34. The aspects considered by the youth include speed, price, as well as handling.


            A man has gone up mountains. He has gone to the ocean bottom. To the moon, he has fired rockets. Fragmented the atom. In each human endeavor field, accomplished miracles. The success pinnacle is certain. A combination of quality as well as attitude. The Chrysler 300.


McDonald, M., & Wilson, H. (2016). Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to profit from them. John Wiley & Sons.