Nurse Licensure Compact

Nurse Licensure Compact

The Nurse Licensure Compact is a legal framework that allows the nurses to practice in more than one State. Essentially, it expands the coverage of the nursing practice. Currently, there are only 25 States which participate in the initiative. Some of the participating States include New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Colorado among many others. Essentially, when one is a member State, they are expected to allow nurses who have a nursing licenses and who reside in one of the member States to practice nursing in their regions without the need to acquire additional licensure in the subject region. The Nursing Licensure Compact has several impacts on my license.

Firstly, the Nurse Licensure Compact allows my license increased flexibility. As a beneficiary of the policy, I will be allowed the freedom to practice in any of the 25 member States. My license will still function in many other regions other than the issuing region. Likewise, as a nurse I will no longer be compelled to pay additional fees for the acquisition of licenses in the member States which greatly mitigates the bureaucracies that I, as a nurse, was compelled to oversee before the establishment of the legal framework. Alternatively, the Nurse Licensure Compact empowers my license. Upon endorsement, to practice in another State, my current license will still be empowered given that I will be allowed to retain it. Furthermore, with my current license, under the Nurse Licensure Compact, I will be empowered to begin work immediately in the member States without the need to wait for a given period of time.

Conclusively, the Nurse Licensure Compact is a policy that allows nurses to practice in more than one State once they acquire the multi-State license. 25 States participate in the initiative with the members allowing nurses to practice nursing in their regions without additional charges or issuance of new licenses. The Nurse Licensure Compact enhances the flexibility of nurse licenses and further empowers the licenses.


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