Mathematics Research Topics

Mathematics Research Topics

Attention! For repetition and fixation of the multiplication table and the division table, we offer our game programs the Multiplication Table in cartoons and the Table of division in cartoons.

This page contains a general list of research topics in mathematics for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 classes, you can go to the links and then on the pages to choose the most appropriate level of knowledge and child skills theme of the project.

The various topics of the mathematics projects on this page can be taken as a basis, supplemented and modified in accordance with the research objectives and the project idea.
Themes of projects in mathematics for 1, 2, 3, 4 classes
Topics of math projects for grade 5
Topics of mathematics projects for grade 6
Topics of mathematics projects for Grade 7
Topics of mathematics projects for grade 8
Topics of mathematics projects for grade 9
Topics of math projects for grade 10
Topics of mathematics projects for grade 11
Correctly chosen topics of projects in mathematics for students in grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 contribute to the fact that the work on them will be really exciting, informative and interesting. Especially if this research project in mathematics is carried out by a group of children.
Topics of research papers in the history of mathematics
Topics of algebra research
Themes of research papers on logic
Topics of Geometry Research
Topics of research works on stereometry
Topics of research works on combinatorics
Topics for math games research
Topics of mathematics research in subjects
The following topics of research papers and projects in mathematics are exemplary, some of them can be combined into one topic if there are common objectives and research objectives.

Topics of research projects in mathematics
Topics of design work in mathematics:

Author’s tasks.
Aliquot fractions
Residue arithmetic. Comparisons by module.
Without a ruler
Without a ruler, or measurement with bare hands.
The infinite world of numbers.
Divine number
The letter in the cube.
A quick score is easy and simple!
Fast account without a calculator.
In the depths of ages, or as the ancients believed.
In the world of time (a collection of creative tasks).
In the world of rebuses and labyrinths.
In a world of amazing numbers.
In search of optimal solutions.
In the realm of giant numbers.
Omnipresent mathematics.
Great challenges
The Magnificent Seven
Gorgeous numbers.
Types of tasks in logical thinking.
Types and properties of movements.
Types of word problems and their solution.
The effect of the speed of falling raindrops on the speed of movement of a person during rain.
Harmony reigns in everything …
Time and its measurement
Time can not be stopped, but to measure?
Time to work and time to rest.
Everything is number
All about the “top three” and a little more …
All about number 13
All about number 7
Is it always 2 x 2 = 4?
Calculation of the flow rate of the river.
Gallery of great numbers.
Gallery of numerical wonders.
Harmony and Mathematics
The genetic code and square of Pythagoras.
Geography of numbers
The hypothesis about the origins of the golden section.
Match Puzzle
Graphic methods and geometric considerations in solving problems in mathematics Graphic techniques in solving problems in mathematics.
Graphic method for solving plot problems.
Graphic way to multiply numbers.
Two ways to solve logical problems
Actions on numbers in different number systems.
Birthday zero
Birthday pi
Children’s tasks for adult children.
Old Russian tasks
Ancient number systems.
Ancient but forever young primes
Friendly triples of numbers.
Friendly numbers
Heat of cold numbers
Live math
Wildlife and symmetry.
Riddle paper strips.
The Riddle of Ramanujan
Number row riddles
Mysterious world of numbers.
Tasks from the old textbook.
Tasks from Ethiopia
Tasks for all occasions
Tasks for the movement of two objects.
Tasks on the movement of the river
Tasks on checkered paper. Pick’s formula.
Tasks on local material
Tasks for the largest and smallest value of quantities and methods for their solution.
Optimization tasks
Tasks for transfusion.
Cutting tasks
Tasks in the fresh air.
Parity tasks
Maze Challenges
Tasks about four colors.
Mathematics Research Topics
Topics of research projects in mathematics:

Tasks increased difficulty “on the move.”
Tasks with restrictions.
Tasks with the same numbers.
Tasks with parameters
Match Tasks
The tasks are old and old.
Tasks that could become theorems.
Remarkable numbers. Friendly numbers and prime twins.
Entertaining logic in mathematics
Entertaining tasks
Interesting tasks of the distant past.
Interesting math problems.
Entertaining numbers
Amusing flocks of prime numbers.
The origin and evolution of a mathematical problem.
Why does a person need measurements at different times?
The familiar and unfamiliar magic number Pi.
Introducing Symmetry
Measurement time.
The isoperimetric problem, or the Dido Problem.
Learning is possible