Letter of Intent for Admission to Film Production


Filmmaking has been my passion since an early age. Applying to the school of cinema shall ensure that I get the best out of the program. Choosing movie as my primary artistic method of expression has behind the inspiration of some renowned filmmakers. Artist such as Ingmar Bergman is the talented artist who has directed over sixty films and cinematic release in the television scene he has directed over 170n plays. His passion for theater arts began at an early age; though he began, he began his career in 1941. However, his major accomplishments came in later in 1944. He showed his skills in developing some major films earning some recognized awards. Though he faced some hard times when he was arrested in Sweden in 1976 for evading tax, he still got through such difficult times by setting up his talent in America. Various followers have criticized and appreciated his work but disproportionately.

Being focused on filmmaking as identified earlier is guided by an influential maker and composer. Trough proper attention I have also had some achievements of my own. Recently, I was a writer, producer, director, and editor of a short film. By taking on different roles in a short film, I got a taste of how it feels to be in a leading role. I should also be considered that I have worked on different small projects that include music videos, short films, and documentary. Actively I engage in the practice of photography, writing, and editing. One of the short films that I have directed includes midnight snack, where the other one is MLR.

I was fortunate on becoming a cinematographer on a project known as Café Fuchsia. The above are some of my relevant experience through, which shall be strengthened by admittance into the school of cinema.

I have also ventured into making some short-term goals that shall enrich my skills further. I am working on a six-part web series that concerns millennial. In that web, I will actively engage on some of the topics such as the lack of job security, sexuality, spirituality, technology, and relationship. Categorically taking visual metaphor with passion enabled me to embark on various schemes accumulatively. I would like to cooperate with people that have the same ideas. Notably, many filmmakers drop out of filmmaking industry due to lack of passion. In my spare time, if not working on taking a short film I engage in inspiring anyone that might have the passion for filmmaking.

My intent for the admission into the movie production is to work with like-minded persons who can to develop my experience and shape my vision in the filmmaking industry. I have a passion for filmmaking and am ready to face all challenges by accepting challenging roles. I do recognize the aspect that many passionate professionals in the industry have failed to get their best because mentors are either inaccessible or not just willing to help amateurs like me. The environment in the film industry will expose me to various aspects of different filmmaking projects and learn more along with my fellow juniors in the industry by making and correcting mistakes as we grow together.