Factors to Consider When Choosing an Essay Writing Service

Essay writing is one of the frequent tasks you should expect as a student while in college. If you do not get an assignment daily or weekly, you will not miss one or two. It can be overwhelming for you when you have a challenging essay and a tight deadline tied to it.

What do you do in such a case? There are essay writing services online that can help you write your essay no matter how hard it is and deliver it on time. However, how to tell a genuine or scam site is the real deal, but if you consider the following factors carefully, you will have won the battle.

  1. Price

A student’s life is a challenging one, especially when it comes to finances. You will always look for cheaper services that will help you save on the little you already have. However, when choosing an essay writing service that is cheap will always be expensive.

Some sites charge very low prices to lure gullible students, but if you consider them, you end up losing your money. You will get plagiarized content that will have you penalized and, in the worst-case scenario, get expelled from school. Instead of risking your academic future in the name of saving some coins, look for a genuine site to assign work to.

  • Customer Reviews

Before settling for a service, read what clients have to say about what they offer. Not everyone gets 100% satisfaction, and you may find a few complaints as you read the reviews. However, the negatives should not outweigh the positives.

Look for positive comments that include what you expect from the essay writing service.

  • Guarantees

When you are searching for “who can write my paper for me,” the best sites will offer several guarantees to what you want. You may be late on an assignment, and your wish is to beat the deadline, if a site does not guarantee that, then it is not the best. You also need to see if it offers plagiarism-free and error-free papers.

Confidentiality guarantee is also crucial since you do not want your instructor finding out that someone else did the paper for you. The site should assure you that once they do your papers, they would not sell it to others later. Sometimes, the work done may not reach your expectations. The company should ensure that it offers unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

  • Ask Around

Before you commit to an essay writing site, ask around if anyone has worked with them before. Students who have had their essays written for them will gladly offer their recommendations. Those who did not like the services will tell you which sites to avoid, and if they were good, they would still tell you.

  • Writers Qualification

Every writer has a field they specialize in and cannot do any other subject perfectly. As you look for a site, you need to ask if they have a writer who can write the particular paper you want. Also, look at the writer’s qualifications and experience before handing in the task for them to do.

  • Customer Support          

Imagine reaching a site, and upon asking a question, it takes ages before you get a reply. It could be frustrating if you gave out a task with a strict deadline. If their customer service desk is not available 24/7, then be sure to have a hard time dealing with them.


There are many essay writing services online, and if you are not keen, you may fall victim to some scam sites. Ensure you do thorough research before assigning anyone your academic work to do for you. The price, guarantees, customer support, and how qualified a writer is should help you settle for the right one.