Building Nurse Management Skills

Building Nurse Management Skills

Nurses play a major role in assessing the health status of their patients, checking whether they respond to their health care plans, and helping to meet the needs of the patients. The stipulated roles of nurses in the health centers make them play duties of managers (Huber, 2013). Therefore, nurses are obliged to develop good management skills in their line of duties through embracing good time management, integrity as well as work ethics.

Since nurses are responsible for assessing how their patients respond to the care plan, they should be good in time managing in order to help the patients to be time conscious in observing the care plan. Moreover, they should be punctual in reminding the patients on the time of medication even when they are aware. In the health care center, the integrity should be practiced by the nurses (Huber, 2013). Being the managers of the patients, nurses should tell them the truth and stand for it to enable their statements to be followed. If a nurse cannot answer a question which a patient asks, they should not fumble but tell them the truth. Nurses should also set achievable goals and objectives for the patients in order to improve their management skills. Nurses should not complicate the life of their patients but help them. Moreover, nurses are obliged to understand the prescribed health care plan given by the doctors so that they can help the patients to follow without complicating their lives (Huber, 2013). Nurses should also invest their time in creating a good rapport with the patients as this would enable a mutual understanding and cooperation between the patients and the nurses towards achieving the set goals and objectives.




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