Month: November 2018

The Challenge of Performance Management

REASONS MANGERS RESIST PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Most managers fails to understand the procedure and form used in performance management. The majority of organizations require managers to employ specific software’s, specific methods and schedules and set of forms in performance management and yet these methods do not fit in every situation (Bacal 27). The human resource personnel

The mass media and advertising industry play a critical role by portraying women as weak objects

The mass media and advertising industry play a critical role by portraying women as weak objects, sexual objects for men to wallow with. Arguably, authors from both genders started realizing this objectification in the early 1960s. From a feminist point of view, certain authors started using writing as a mode to convey their message on

Letter of Intent for Admission to Film Production

  Filmmaking has been my passion since an early age. Applying to the school of cinema shall ensure that I get the best out of the program. Choosing movie as my primary artistic method of expression has behind the inspiration of some renowned filmmakers. Artist such as Ingmar Bergman is the talented artist who has

Communication Differences between Men and Women

Communication differences between men and women Introduction Historical events set the stage to analyze gender differences between women and men. The major differences include the way males and females communicate leading to perceptions that they are a unique and different set of people. On the other hand, scientist indicates that human being species developed language

“Time” by Pink Floyd

Human life is full of limitations, and one of the essential and equating limitations is time, the thing that we cannot get enough of. We cannot understand how time is synthesized. The intriguing element of the song is the message of time that is depicted by the lyrics, rhythm and beat. The first response when

Managing Performance

Managing Performance Performance management system of organizations is the participation of employees to realize the organization’s goals. Employees must first know the goals through communication from the management then they work towards ensuring they achieve the goals. As the employees work on achieving the goals, they understand the values of correct evaluation to test their

Addiction to Drugs, is it a Choice or a Disease?

Addiction to Drugs, is it a Choice or a Disease? The drug addicts’ mental states often seem irrational in that, they are powerless over their habits of drug dependency. The victims can only get hope through structured help services. Substance addiction is purely a disease as opposed to the common believe of the habit being

Nurse Licensure Compact

Nurse Licensure Compact The Nurse Licensure Compact is a legal framework that allows the nurses to practice in more than one State. Essentially, it expands the coverage of the nursing practice. Currently, there are only 25 States which participate in the initiative. Some of the participating States include New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky

Building Nurse Management Skills

Building Nurse Management Skills Nurses play a major role in assessing the health status of their patients, checking whether they respond to their health care plans, and helping to meet the needs of the patients. The stipulated roles of nurses in the health centers make them play duties of managers (Huber, 2013). Therefore, nurses are


MARBURY v. MADISON United States Supreme Court (1803) ISSUE:  Does Article III of the Constitution allow presentation of an act of Congress before the Supreme Court? Is it constitutional for the courts to issue writs of mandamus? FACTS: The Adams Administration appointed William Marbury as the justice of peace in the District of Columbia. However,