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Japanese Ramen Recipes Tsukemen

Japanese Ramen Recipes – Tsukemen (つけ麺)

Couple weeks ago, my friend, Yuji brought me a new product of Japanese Fresh Noodle, “Tsukemen” つけ麺 from Japan. This is my first time to have Tsukemen and I really enjoyed it special taste. Easy to prepare and enjoying the real taste of Tsukemen outside Japan.

Tsukemen  is similar to ramen but the noodles are served separate from the soup. The noodles are to be dipped into the soup like you would with cold soba. The noodles are usually best served cold while the soup is hot. You can add in others ingredients like leeks, bambooshoots, diced char sui pork, etc.


The instant fresh Tsukemen comes with a special Tsuke-tare (つけたれ) for dipping sauce. And the preparation is as easy as the below 4 steps :

Step 1, Cook the Ramen in boiled water about 5mins depending of your favorites (soft/hard of noodles).

Step 2, prepare the dipping sauce by adding 100ml hot water into a bowl. Mix in the dipping sauce.

Japanese Tsukemen Dipping Sauce-tsuke_tare

Step 3, drain the ramen into a colander and cool them by rinse under tap water.


Step 4, transfer ramen to a serving bowl, serve with the dipping sauce.

Enjoy the cool Tsukemen dipping in hot dipping sauce :)


  1. bayu says:

    am very hungry i like ramen very good

    arigato gojaimasu

  2. youlin says:

    Enjoy the meals ;)

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