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Japanese Healthy Recipes – “Sushi”

Japanese Healthy Recipes – “Sushi”

Personally, I love Sushi very much. Every time, I go to kaiten-zushi [ 回転寿司 ] (conveyor belt sushi/sushi train) restaurants, I will consume more than 10 plates. [By the way, my record is 21 plates]. Most of the people will refuse to take sushi in the very 1st time because not used to take the fish in raw. But, when you try for times, you will fall into love with it just like me. My first experience was in a kaiten-zushi restaurant that promoting their newly open branch in Japan many years ago. The promotion was too attractive that I cannot refuse it which I can eat all I like within 30 minutes for only 500 YEN. It is really impressed me when the first Cyutoro-Maguro (Tuna with fat) delivered right into my mouth. Wow, It was too delicious!! That’s how I fall into love with sushi!

What is Sushi?

In Japanese cuisine, sushi (寿司、鮨) is vinegared rice, usually topped with other ingredients including fish, various meats, and vegetables. Outside of Japan, sushi is sometimes misunderstood to mean the raw fish itself, or even any fresh raw-seafood dishes. In Japan, sliced raw fish alone is called sashimi and is distinct from sushi, as sashimi is the raw fish component, not the rice component. The word sushi itself comes from an archaic grammatical form of a word that is no longer used in other contexts; literally, “sushi” means “it’s sour”.

There are many types of sushi in Japan, the most popular that we eat in kaiten-sushi restaurant is called Nigiri-zushi (握り寿司、hand-formed sushi). This consist of an oblong mound of sushi rice that is pressed between the palms of the hands, sometimes with a speck of wasabi and a slice of fish called neta draped over it. Nigiri is generally served in pairs.

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