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“Sushi” – Short List Of Raw Fish Terms

Sushi Refesher – Short List of Raw Fish Terms

I think you had enjoyed the secret of “Sushi” in previous blog especially the basic manner through the video clip. But, you might wonder if one day you enter the sushi restaurant, how to order from the menu which full of japanese sushi terms.

Below are Sushi refesher short list with sushi raw fish terms. Enjoy Sushi-ing!! :)


Sushi 寿司 - Sweetened, pickled rice plus fish – the fish is sashimi.
Sashimi 刺身 - Raw fish fillets without rice.

Aji é°º - Spanish mackerel or sometimes called horse mackerel.
Akagai 赤貝 - Pepitona clam, which is red in color
Ama Ebi 甘海老 - Sweet shrimp
Anago穴子 - Salt water or conger eel. It is precooked (boiled)
Aoyagi 青柳 - Red clam, or sometimes known as round clam
Awabi 鮑 - Abalone
Hamachiはまち - Young yellowtail tuna, or amberjack
Hamaguri 蛤 - Clam
Hirame 平目 - Fluke or flounder
Hokkigai ほっき貝 - Surf clam, which is thorn-shaped piece with red colouring on one side
Hotategai 帆立 - Scallops
Ika 烏賊- - Squid – The body of the Ika is eaten raw, tentacles are usually toasted
Ikura いくら - Salmon roe
Kajiki かじき - Swordfish
Kaki かき - Oysters
Kamabokoかまぼこ - Imitation crab meat. Generally used in California rolls
Kani 蟹 - Real crab meat. It is always served cooked
Kazunoko 数の子 - Herring roe, sometimes served raw (kazunoko konbu)
Kobashiri こばしり - Small scallops
Kohada こはだ - Japanese shad, gizzard shad, or young punctatus
Kujira 鯨 - Whale
Maguro 鮪 - Tuna, red meat, which is not to be confused with Toro white meat
Mekajiki めかじき - Swordfish
Mirugai みる貝 - Surf, geoduck, or horseneck clam
Ohyo オヒョウ - Halibut
Saba 鯖 - Mackerel, which is almost always served lightly salted and marinated
Sake é®­ - Salmon, but pronounced differently
Tairagai 平ら貝 - Razor-shell clam
Tako ç« é­š - Cooked octopus
Tamago 卵 - Sweet egg custard wrapped in dried seaweed
Tobiko とび子 - Flying-fish roe, which is red and crunchy, often served with quail egg yolk
Torigai トリ貝 - Japanese cockle, which is a black and white shell fish
Toro トロ - Fatty tuna. O-Toro is considered to be the finest
Unagi é°» - Freshwater eel that is grilled
Uni 海胆 - Sea urchin, usually quite expensive
Futo-Maki 太巻き - Large, oversized rolls
Gari がり - Pickled ginger root that comes with sushi
Miso 味噌 - Soy bean paste
Maki-mono 巻物 - Vinegared rice and fish (or other ingredients) rolled in nori seaweed
Maki-sushi巻き寿司 - Rice and seaweed rolls with fish and/or vegetables.
Sake é®­ - - Rice wine that can be served both hot and cold
Tempura 天婦羅 - Seafood or vegetables dipped in batter and deep fried
Wasabi 山葵 - - Japanese horseradish. This is the small lump of very spicy stuff.

“Sushi” – Short List Of Raw Fish Terms

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