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Japanese Salad Recipe – Traffic Light Salad


Here is a special salad that I want to share – “Traffic Light Salad”. Looking at the name, isn’t it special? I get this cool idea when I saw 3 capsicums were arranged nicely by Green, Yellow, and Red in a vegetable stall yesterday. I can’t wait to take photo, and start to get some ingredients to make salad. To be more precise, I would called this salad as Shrimps Eggs Capsicums Salad.
For the basic japanese salad dressing, you can add 2 tbs rice wine vinegar, 1 tbs soy sauce, 1/2 tsp sugar and mix it well. Add in 6 tbs vegetable oil at last stage to prepare for serve. As for me, I would prefer to buy various flavor dressings such as japanese flavor(Wahu), Chinese flavor(CyuKa), Sesame flavor(Goma) etc.


  • 2 eggs hard boiled and sliced
  • 100g shrimps
  • 1 carrot cut into strips
  • 1 japanese cucumber cut into strips
  • capsicum ( green, yellow, red; 1 each), cut into strips
  • nori seaweed
  • Japanese salad dressing


Put water in a pan and bring to boil. Boil eggs for 15 minutes until cooked, then peel it. Add in shrimps to boiling water until cooked. Quickly transfer shrimps into a bowl filled with cold water. Add in the vegetables into a large bowl, topping with eggs and nori seaweed. Prepare to serve with japanese salad dressing.

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