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Easiest Sushi Recipes

What will you think of if the words “Japanese Food” are mentioned? In common, most will think of one specific dish in mind – sushi. This is the reason why sushi has become the flagship of Japanese cuisine that most welcomed food in the world.

Japanese Chirashi Sushi Salmon Avocado

The word “sushi” in ancient times referred to fish that are preserved in vinegar. As time goes by, sushi has become a complete meal in itself. Now, the staples of sushi would include readily available ingredients like Japanese rice (short grain rice type), dried seaweed and seafood. Because the seafood are locally procured some even enjoy consuming them in raw.

Japanese Chirashi Sushi Recipe

If you are among the few who are reluctant to prepare the traditional hand-rolled sushi, here is the the easiest sushi recipes for you – Scattered Sushi (散し寿司) salmon and avocado. Mixing all onto the vinegared sushi rice will do. :)


Okinawan Taste Of Home Recipe – Rafute

Aside from embracing rice as a staple, Okinawan food is completely different from Japanese food. Okinawan taste of home recipes tends toward thicker and spicier flavors than Japanese food recipes. It is more heavily influenced by Chinese culinary ways and techniques from China since The Ryukyu Kingdom in fourteenth century.

Rafuta - Okinawan Pork Recipes

Pork is the cornerstone in Okinawa cuisine, such as beef is with Americans. Okinawans apply each part of pig, from pig’s ear, pig’s tripe to pig’s feet in their daily cooking. Rafute is a melting tender and succulent braised pork belly. This great Okinawa taste of home recipe is well recognized by the western palate. The pork is broiled, cooled and then slowly cooked to achieve tenderness and to eliminate fat. It is slowly simmered in a detachable combination of brown sugar, sake, soy sauce until it is melt-in-the-mouth tender. (more…)