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Bizarre Japanese Food

Bizarre Japanese Food If there is one thing that stands out in the Japanese culture, it is their inclination or fascination for the inordinate. Japanese are detailed and self-conscious about details and concept of uniqueness, therefore, whether in day-to-day life, more so in fashion and food – eccentricity is commonly a dominant attribute. There are some bizarre Japanese foods which are likely not so familiar to a non-Japanese family. But the oddity of these foods should not intimidate a first-timer as it must be thought that Japanese food are very healthy and delicious. Most often, people view in cooking show the very skillful and cute preparation of Japanese food. Thus, if the preparation is important to them, taste should be more important. Bizarre Japanese food - nato One of the many bizarre Japanese foods is a healthy dish called natto(納豆). It is a soybean-based food which is characterized by its very sticky, very gooey appearance. Without knowing its taste and health value, any non-regular patron of Japanese food would discard the dish especially that it does not look appetizing ,in addition, it has a pungent smell. (more…)