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Japanese Diet Recipe – Sushi Meshi


Japanese Sushi Recipe For Diet

Today Sushi (寿司、鮨)becomes popular in the world because it is a very good Japanese diet food recipes with the combination of oily fish(Rich Omega), rice, egg, vegetables and seaweed. But, when we mention sushi, automatically we will think of taking in a luxury restaurant. Do you know where can get a reasonable(in price) and delicious Sushi in Japan? Here is the tips for you, go to the food corner in Japan supermarket. If you want to have a really cheap one, you may go shop there especially in the evening, sure you will get a very cheap and delicious one.This is because in the evening, most of the food corner started to make discount. And why do they make discount? The obvious problem with eating raw fish like sashimi or sushi is that it must be really fresh to avoid risk of food poisoning. So, this is the main reason why they discount it to clear at the same day. This was a great news to me during college life in Japan. I used to go in the evening and tackle my favourite sushi set for the dinner.

Another way to get cheap sushi is to do it own-self with the sushi recipe below.:) Sure it will be the best, cheapest and yet meaningful food. Good recommendation for diet using this Japanese diet recipe. Diet via Sushi, sounds good, right? (more…)

Chicken Breast Salad Recipe


Chicken Breast Salad Recipe

   Whenever we planning to have a potluck party, everyone seems to scratch the head on what food to prepare. What to prepare for potluck party? This time I really don’t want to miss out this chicken salad recipe which is so easy to prepare, delicious and perfect for diet. Every time I prepare it, there are a lot of sweet memories recall. It was so nice that I received all “Thumbs Up” in a potluck party which was also my first chicken salad recipe experience during my home stay in Japan.

So, try this chicken breast salad recipe when you going to potluck party and sure you will get more thumbs up. :) (more…)

Japanese Yogurt Dessert Recipe


Yogurt Dessert

When I was wondering what to serve for dessert after dinner with my family, suddenly I got a “Ping” in my head connected to Yogurt inside the freeze. Ya, Lets have free and easy  yogurt dessert. Low calories, low fat with healthy doses of probiotics, protein and calcium and perfect for people who is on diet (just like me) I started to prepare the ingredients to have a healthy Yogurt dessert.

This is the fastest way to get the dessert fix in 5minutes with sprinkle your favorite fruits and nuts into a low-fat unsweetened plain yogurt. I like to mix in nata de coco (full of fibers, vitamins) and goes well with fruit. You may add in honey if you like to. (more…)

Having delicious soup..http://…

Having delicious soup..

Osumashi vs Miso Soup Recipes

Japanese soup recipe Japanese soup recipe

Osumashi (Japanese Clear Soup)                Miso (Soybean Paste Soup)

Free and easy Japanese soup recipes – Osumashi vs Miso Soup Recipes

Soups play an important main role in most Japanese meals. They are classified into two broad groups: clear soups and thick soups and usually serve together with meal in Japanese restaurant. Clear soup (osumashi/suimono) is usually served at the beginning of a meal. This delicately flavored soup can be varied by the addition of many different kinds of garnishes. The slightly thicker, sweeter soups flavored with red of white soybean paste (mishoshiru) are generally served toward the end of a formal Japanese meal. Both kinds of soups can be made with dashinomoto, a powdered soup base available at specialty grocery stores.


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