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Japanese Instant Cooking Ingredients

japanese_instant_ingredients_youlinchngdotcomJapanese Instant Cooking Ingredients

If you like to cook in Japanese cuisine and not sure what or where to get the Japanese Food Recipes, please always come to youlin’s blog. Sure you will get the innovative ideas from here. :)   This post is specially for the busy people that really do not want to spend extra time to cook, yet, love to eat Japanese food. What you need to do is shopping..Sounds easy, right? Ya, just go to grocery stores, supermarket and shop for some Japanese Instant Cooking Ingredients with various of delicious recipes. Then stock some at home. See the image above is what I stocked at home, in case I want to eat these, within 10 minutes I can get a plate of delicious Japanese Food dish. So, do more shopping for Japanese various kind of recipes. Easy, right?

Diet with Japanese Tofu Recipes


Japanese Diet Recipes with Tofu

This is another miso flavor for Japanese Diet Recipe with Tofu called Tofu and Chicken Misoni (Tofu No Tori Misoni, 豆腐のとり味噌煮). It suit for both adult and children. Especially children will like the mild with some sweeten taste of the dish. So, if you wanna to diet, or you have a diet menu list, put it into your daily diet menu list. And enjoy!!:) (more…)

Japanese Spaghetti Recipe-Chicken White Sauce

spaghetti-youlinchng    Japanese Spaghetti-Chicken White Sauce 
               @ YouLin’s style                   

    To me, pasta or spaghetti created most memories for me in Japan. My first part-time job was in a spaghetti restaurant in Tokyo. My first experience on how to cook a tasty spaghetti in Japanese style, how to eat in a polite way etc. A dry long spaghetti not seems special to me, but, when it mixed up with other ingredients, it becomes extraordinary dish. Especially, I like to share the way of eating spaghetti with friends. The trick is use a fork to roll spaghetti onto a spoon held parallel to the plate. Then eat the pasta off the spoon. Bib not required!
    Yoshi…Kimatta, I decided to have spaghetti for today meal to recover some of my sweet and sour memories during the part-time. Enjoy here with this Japanese spaghetti with chicken white sauce. (more…)

Simmered Daikon with Chicken


Simmered Daikon with Chicken (大根と鶏肉の煮物)

   In Japan, Daikon(大根), Japanese radish is one of the most welcome “season vegetable” in the winter. Japanese likes to braise daikon with meat or fish and it widely use in recipes like Oden, and Nabe Mono(鍋物). And the recipe below, Simmered Daikon with Chicken (Daikon To Toriniku No Nimono 大根と鶏肉の煮物), also one of the typical Japanese home recipe in Winter. When you eat this hot, delicious dish during cold winter, you will feel the hearty touch with people just around you. (more…)

Japanese Recipes Agedashi Tofu


Diet? Try this healthy Agedashi Tofu!

Agedashi Tofu, is a traditional Japanese deep fried tofu serve with dashi and soy sauce. This is one of the dish that always remain in my “Must To Order List” whenever I go to Izagaya (a Japanese bistro-type restaurant serving traditional food in a relaxed atmosphere.) This is too delicious for the 1st reason and 2nd reason is because it is a healthy Japanese diet recipes with low calories and fat. In addition to this, it only takes you minutes to prepare. Another free, quick and easy recipe for diet.

See also other Tofu Recipes here : Hiyayako Recipe; Mushroom Tofu Steak Recipe. (more…)

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