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Let It Snow In Your Blog

Little-Jordan-SantaLittle Jordan’s Christmas Greeting

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell, Jingle All The Way!!

See it started snowing now at my site. Miss the snowing scenes out there since it is not possible to have these beautiful scenes in Malaysia.
So, try to create some Christmas atmosphere in this virtual land with some great songs special for you. *(Remember to ON your speaker to feel it :) )

This is a wordpress plug-in called “Let-It-Snow”.

Follow the below steps to create one at your site :

1. Download the Let-It-Snow plugin Here.
2. Upload let-it-snow folder including all files inside to your blog’s plugin folder (wp-content/plugins).
3. Activate the plugin in wordpress dashboard.

See details here if you found any problems.

Hope you enjoy!!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

How to eat Sushi?

Here, I found another great film on how to eat sushi.

Enjoy Sushi-ing !

How to eat Sushi?

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Hearty Japanese Soup

japaense_soup_recipe_kenchin-jiruHearty Japanese Soup Recipe : Kenchin-Jiru

Kenchin-Jiru is a traditional Japanese soup recipe cooked and eaten all over Japan. Classic versions of kenchin-jiru are not enriched with miso though you could thicken the broth of either, or both, with your favorite fermented bean paste. If you do, omit the soy sauce and mirin. This hearty Japanese soup recipe matched perfectly with steamed rice. With the combination of tofu-dashi stock in the soup, it energize and keep you warm especially during the cool winter. So, you may wanna cleaning out the fridge with this Japanese soup recipe. Add in the vegetables that you have in the fridge, and try out the hearty kenchin-jiru today! (more…)

Come Enjoy The Egg Custard


Japanese Egg Custard ( ChawanMushi)

“Chawan” means Japanese style tea cup and mushi is steam in Japanese. Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し) literally “tea cup steam”, is a Japanese famous egg custard dish. It is usually eaten as an appetizer with the main of egg mixture flavored with soy sauce, dahsi and mirin. One reminder when cooking the dish is do not overcook. It should not have too much air bubbles, not to be too dry on top. You will feel a real refreshed when you taste a well-done chawanmushi, especially the moment it “melt” inside your mount, amazing taste, Yummy! Yummy! It has a very soft and smooth texture which you couldn’t refuse to request for 2nd cup, like I always do. (more…)

Japanese Cooking Ingredients (1)


In this post I gonna share you some of the important ingredients in Japanese Cooking Recipes. Most of the time you might have no idea what is those ingredients looks like?

For instance, what is shichimi togarashi(七味唐辛子) which it also called nanami togarashi in Japanese? As it’s name, it contain seven ingredients. The main ingredient is coarsely ground red chili pepper, to which is typically added, mandarin orange peel, sesame seed, poppy seed, hemp seed, nori, ground sansho (a relative of Sichuan pepper).

Katsuobushi(鰹節) which is widely used in garnish of Okonomiyaki(お好み焼き), Takoyaki (たこ焼き) etc and to flavor soup stock. It is dried shavings of the bonito fish; (more…)

Diet with Hijiki


Let’s Diet with Hijiki :)

Hijiki is a brown sea vegetable (seaweed) with rich dietary fibre and essential minerals. It is used commonly as part of a balanced diet in Japan. This is another free and easy to prepare recipe, Simmered Hijiki. The dish is commonly cook in Japanese home and restaurants. It is a side dishes and normally served before meal. There are many other optional ingredients to add in the dish like Aburage (dried tofu), sesame seed, konnyaku etc.
Cold hijiki salad topped with a creamy white tofu dressing and a sprinkle of finely minced green onion or parsley presents an attractive contrast of colors, and is particularly appealing on a hot summer day. Get this free and easy Japanese diet recipes and enjoy it today! (more…)