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Gourmet food

Gourmet Food during Chinese New Year..

Hi, I am back after a week CNY holiday.

I had a very enjoyable Chinese New Year with Eat, Eat, Eat…(Great to me since I really Love to eat.. Haha!) and today I just reliased that terrible overweight..

I gonna stop reduce eating, and start again my diet plan soon :)

Here to share you some of the delicious gourmet food that I had had during Chinese New Year..

 LobsterGourmet food : Lobster with Cheese! うまい。。

cny-chickenGourmet food : Chicken!  鶏肉、美味しい。


Thank You EC Top Droppers For January

I would like to take the opportunity to Thank to my top 10 Entrecard droppers for January 2009.

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“有難うございます!谢谢!Terima Kasih !


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Happy Niu (Ox) Year 2009

Happy Niu (OX) Year 2009

新年快乐, 万事如意 !!

On Chinese New Year Eve, all family members gather to have the most important reunion meal in the entire year. This is similar to Christmas dinner for westerners. Therefore, Chinese families usually serve expensive cuisines like shark-fins and abalones during this day. Traditionally, the meal is prepared by all adult female members of the family, which helps binding a close relationship amongst the female members. As more women join the work-force, the responsibility is passed to whoever available on that day. Nowadays many families opt to dine out for this special meal and reservations must be made months before to ensure availability.


Chinese New Year 2009 falls on January 26th and will mark the 15 day long festivities beginning on the said date and going on till the 9th February.

Chinese have a unique way of representing the New Year through animals. They have 12 different animals to represent each year of the 12 year -cycle and the order remains the same throughout with the year of the rat beginning the cycle and the year of the boar/ pig ending the same. As the Chinese year 2008 was signified as the year of the rat, this year2009, is going to be the year of the ox (niu). So, you can hear ox related Chinese “Niu” Year Greetings, niu zhuan qian kun “牛转乾坤” , niu nian xing da yun “牛年行大运” etc..

What food to eat during Chinese New Year?

chineseoranges Mandarin Oranges = (金) Gold

Chinese people are very superstitious in many ways, the superstitions played major parts in forming the Chinese customs. (more…)

Healthy Food? Diet Recipes with Tuna

Healthy food? Diet recipes? What else to try…

When I was wondering what to prepare for dinner, suddenly my head came across a “Ping”. Ya, there are some maguro tuna left in the freeze. Then, what diet recipe can it be with this healthy food?
Since, most of the time, tuna is consumed in raw, so, I decided to have Tuna Leek Salad with Ginger Sauce. Simple, easy to prepare diet recipe. Sounds good, right?


鮪葱サラダ (見るだけで、食欲もりもり!):)

Try it. Healthy food with low in calories, diet food recipe..”Tuna and Leek Salad with Ginger Sauce”


Japanese Diet Recipes Ikabatayaki

Wondering what to cook for today?

Let’s introduce this healthy food and Japanese food low fat diet recipes of Ikabatayaki (Butter Squid in Japanese Style). This healthy food is simple but popular in Japanese cuisine. It always serve together with steam rice.

healthy_food_gourmet_food_ikabatayakiJapanese Diet Recipes : Ikabatayaki (烏賊バター焼き)