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Japanese Miso Soup With Clams

Japanese Soup Recipe: Asari Miso Soup

Miso soups (味噌汁) is the simplest and easy soup recipes to prepare. It is also very versatile where the ingredients can vary among vegetables, seafood, tofu, pork and chicken. The taste of the soups may be different depending of the ingredients, quantity of ingredients to be used. To cook a simple and smooth miso soup, always remember the rules / important point here – “Do not overcooked the miso” as miso require only a VERY short cooking time. Overcooking miso destroys the natural fragrant and the texture of the soup becomes rough to the tongue. As such, always cook other ingredients first, then just before serving, add in miso and stir until it dissolves.

Japanese Soup Recipe miso soup with calms

Okay.. Having read the above point of cooking in Japanese miso soup recipe, let’s try soups of the day – “Miso soup with clams” (アサリの味噌汁). (more…)

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Japanese Ramen Recipes Tsukemen

Japanese Ramen Recipes – Tsukemen (つけ麺)

Couple weeks ago, my friend, Yuji brought me a new product of Japanese Fresh Noodle, “Tsukemen” つけ麺 from Japan. This is my first time to have Tsukemen and I really enjoyed it special taste. Easy to prepare and enjoying the real taste of Tsukemen outside Japan.

Tsukemen  is similar to ramen but the noodles are served separate from the soup. The noodles are to be dipped into the soup like you would with cold soba. The noodles are usually best served cold while the soup is hot. You can add in others ingredients like leeks, bambooshoots, diced char sui pork, etc.


The instant fresh Tsukemen comes with a special Tsuke-tare (つけたれ) for dipping sauce. And the preparation is as easy as the below 4 steps :


Japanese Food Recipes Cool Videos

Hi, recently I had created a mini series of Japanese Food Recipes Cool Videos.


You can find these cool videos on how to cook Japanese most famous recipes,

1) How to make Sushi rolls videos

You can find how to make a delicious sushi rolls (maki sushi) and famous California rolls sushi videos.

2) How to make Sashimi videos

Wondering how to make Sashimi? Click  on the video link to find more details from how to cut, prepare a fresh delicious one.

3) Japanese Tempura recipes videos

To cook Tempura, the most important point is the combination ingredients for the Tempura batter. See how to prepare a Tempura batter for a crunchy Tempura.

4) Japanese Ramen recipes videos

Wow! See how to make Yakibuta Ramen (Japanese Noodle Dish with roasted pork).. This is delicious :)

5) Japanese Soup videos

See How to Make Ozoni Soup (Japanese Rice Cake Soup) and Tonjiru (Japanese Pork & Vegetable Miso Soup) Videos.

Enjoy also fun video of  The Soup- Japanese Potty Training Videos !!



Healthy Recipes Maguro Salad

Healthy recipes : Tuna Salad (鮪サラダ)

Ya, is time to have some light and easy meals after a heavy, gourmet food during CNY. :)
I had had this delicious, yummy Japanese salad yesterday dinner. Cheap, free and easy meals with full of nutrition volume.
Ya, I can’t wait to share this dinner recipe to you now.

Try this !


Japanese salad recipes : Tuna salad


Diet Recipe – Daikon Tsukemono

Japanese Pickled White Radish

Tsukemono,(pickles) is very famous healthy dish in Japanese cuisine. No Japanese meal is quite complete without a good pickle side dish.The simplest meal is nothing more than a bowl of rice and umeboshi (pickled plum), but tsukemono are also served at the most sophisticated and complex feasts. The pickling process is done in various methods depending on desired flavor and length of storage. Some are preserved for only 1-2 days to 5-10 years.

daikon-tsukemonoDaikon Tsukemono 大根の漬物