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   It has been reported that leftover food per person is 41.6gram/day in Japan. Population of Japan is about 120,000,000. Leftover food is 5408 tons/day in Japan. So, simply calculate leftover food in Japan will be 1,973,920 tons/year. And CO2 exhaust from leftover food 495,454 tons/year.  (more…)

Japanese Recipe Subuta

japanese recipe subuta

Japanese Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe

Wafu-Chuka, as the cuisine is known in Japan, is characterized by an elegance and style that heightens both Japanese and Chinese cooking traditions. Popular wafu-chuka dishes include mabo-tofu, hiayashi chuka, gyoza, subuta and so on. Subuta(酢豚) a sweet and sour pork dish which is one of the very popular wafu-chuka dish in Japan. The sauce is the main point of the dish. So, with a good combination among vinegar, sugar, ketcup and starch, it will determine how delicious the subuta is? Alternatively, you may replace kurosu (黒酢、black vinegar) for the dish which will increase your appetite. (more…)

Okonomiyaki Eating Contest

How much do you think you can eat if you are given 1 hour for a BIG Okonomiyaki(Japanese Pizza) that weight 1kg and 30 centimeters wide in size?


  An Okonomiyaki Eating Contest was held on 9th April 2008 in an okonomiyaki restaurant called “YUKARI” in Osaka. A 44 year old Japanese housewife managed to clear 5.2kg okonomiyaki in this 1 hour contest. Hatsuyo Sugawara, the winner managed to swept away total 550,000 yen, a solid gold spatula, and the privilage of having the restaurant’s largest okonomiyaki named after her. “Majo Sugawara Yaki” which means “Sugawara the Witch” will be named for the 1kg huge okomiyaki in Yukari chain restaurants throughout Japan. (more…)

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Art on eating video, cool!! ht…

Art on eating video, cool!!

The Art Of Okonomiyaki

The Art Of Okonomiyaki

  Watch this perfect ”Art of Eating Okonomiyaki” and learn how to cook a perfect Okomoniyaki from Abe Hiroshi. I really like the man in the video clip, Abe Hiroshi. Cool Man! Perfectionist!

 Here are some points from the video clip to cook a perfect okonomiyaki, (more…)