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Japanese Diet Recipe – Sushi Meshi


Japanese Sushi Recipe For Diet

Today Sushi (寿司、鮨)becomes popular in the world because it is a very good Japanese diet food recipes with the combination of oily fish(Rich Omega), rice, egg, vegetables and seaweed. But, when we mention sushi, automatically we will think of taking in a luxury restaurant. Do you know where can get a reasonable(in price) and delicious Sushi in Japan? Here is the tips for you, go to the food corner in Japan supermarket. If you want to have a really cheap one, you may go shop there especially in the evening, sure you will get a very cheap and delicious one.This is because in the evening, most of the food corner started to make discount. And why do they make discount? The obvious problem with eating raw fish like sashimi or sushi is that it must be really fresh to avoid risk of food poisoning. So, this is the main reason why they discount it to clear at the same day. This was a great news to me during college life in Japan. I used to go in the evening and tackle my favourite sushi set for the dinner.

Another way to get cheap sushi is to do it own-self with the sushi recipe below.:) Sure it will be the best, cheapest and yet meaningful food. Good recommendation for diet using this Japanese diet recipe. Diet via Sushi, sounds good, right?

Here, I gonna to share the most important part of sushi, sushi rice (sushi meshi). See how to cook the sushi rice below.


3 cups Rice
100cc rice vinegar
3tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1tbsp dashi


Cook rice. Mix rice vinegar with sugar, salt and dashi. When the rice is done, transfer it to a large bowl and gently add the vinegar, mix a little at a time, mixing it gently into the rice with a wooden spatula with a slicing motion (i.e. don’t stir or beat it). Let it cool then covering the bowl with a clean towel for about 30 – 60 minutes.

Japanese diet recipe-Sushi Introduction

Japanese diet recipe-Sushi Introduction (2)


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    Hi, this is my first visit on your site, i like your site very much! and i like japanese food! horayyy!!! :mrgreen:

  2. Sadao says:

    Even if a Japanese grocery store is not nearby, supermarket sushi is not bad at all if you shop arond. Safeway I shop frequently has suprisingly good sushi.

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