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Easiest Sushi Recipes

What will you think of if the words “Japanese Food” are mentioned? In common, most will think of one specific dish in mind – sushi. This is the reason why sushi has become the flagship of Japanese cuisine that most welcomed food in the world.

Japanese Chirashi Sushi Salmon Avocado

The word “sushi” in ancient times referred to fish that are preserved in vinegar. As time goes by, sushi has become a complete meal in itself. Now, the staples of sushi would include readily available ingredients like Japanese rice (short grain rice type), dried seaweed and seafood. Because the seafood are locally procured some even enjoy consuming them in raw.

Japanese Chirashi Sushi Recipe

If you are among the few who are reluctant to prepare the traditional hand-rolled sushi, here is the the easiest sushi recipes for you – Scattered Sushi (散し寿司) salmon and avocado. Mixing all onto the vinegared sushi rice will do. :)

Chirashi Sushi – Salmon Avocado

Ingredient: ( 4 servings)
-  2 cups of sushi rice
-  4 tbsp rice vinegar
-  2 tbsp sugar
-  2 tsp salt
-  150g  salmon,
-  2 avocado
-  1 cucumber
-  1 piece celery
- 2 tbsp shrimp caviar (ebiko)

Japanese Chirashi Sushi recipe

Cut cucumber and celery into small cubes. Cut smoked salmon and avocado into bite-sized pieces.
To prepare rice, rinse rice thoroughly in a sieve. Drain well. Pour the rinsed rice into rice cooker, add 2 cups water and start to cook. When the steamed rice is ready, transfer it to a big bowl, add rice vinegar, sugar & salt and cool to room temperature.
When the sushi rice has turned cool, mix the cucumber & celery cubes, ebiko into the rice and stir well. Then, arrange avocado cubes and salmon pieces on the rice then serve.

Japanese Scattered Sushi Recipes.

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